Asset Record Management

Amaze customers with your knowledge of their Assets

Our system allows you to record anything about any type of Asset.

  • Completely customisable
  • Record unlimited assets
  • Set reminders for when assets need to be actioned
  • Keep secure information secure by setting access rights
  • Share information with customers to build trust

Keeping these records in LaserTask will ensure that your entire team will know your customer. Sharing knowledge like this will make your business more resilient and help it grow too.

There really is no limit to the type or number of assets you could create.

Asset Module from LaserTask Business Software

The Stock and Inventory Management system what makes LaserTask the only software product your business will ever need.

How could an Asset Recording System help me?

Assets are very important to your client. Whatever they may be from Cars to washing machines to cesspits to boilers. Your customers expect you to remember them and their equipment each time they call you. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and easy way to record the information somewhere? Well, that’s where LaserTask can help. Simply create a Template and reuse that template for multiple customers.

A template can be created for anything and can have anything as content. For example you could create an aeroplane as an asset template. In that template you would create fields for, say, engine size, number of seats, age, cost price and so on. There really is no limit to the type or size of asset you could create.

Once a template has been created you can then add assets to any customer and even assign them to a contact in the client record. For example the MD of a business may want you to look after his leather chair. All manageable from with the Lasertask system.

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