CRM Customer Management Software

Manage Customers with our CRM system

A CRM is, essentially, a Customer Management system. It allows you to keep accurate records about your customers. LaserTask has a powerful and intuitive system included for managing all of your customer records.

LaserTask is packed full of amazing features you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Features such as…

  • Unlimited contacts per customer
  • Unlimited Addresses (sites) per customer
  • Complete history at the click of a button
  • Customise the CRM to meet your own needs
  • Keeping track of Agreements
  • Keep records of customer Assets too

With all these amazing features LaserTask will bring your team closer together than ever before.

CRM Customer Management Software from LaserTask

The CRM is just another reason why LaserTask is the perfect software system for your business.

Do you need a CRM Customer Management system?

CRM systems are a very powerful way to bring your team together as one. Without them information is often stored in a hap hazard way using mostly paper based systems. These systems can be difficult to keep up to date and very difficult to secure. A good CRM system like LaserTask solves all these problems. Simply by having a central location to store information you and your team can all be on the ‘same-page’ when a customer calls. You can even amaze your clients with the speed and accuracy that your team can access their information. Having a CRM system also allows your new staff to fit in much quicker. An easy to learn system like LaserTask will have your newbies working like old hands in no time at all. Again all this saves you time, money and makes your business look great! What’s more, our CRM fits in with any business type. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with a 30 day trial of LaserTask.