Email Marketing with LaserTask

Keep in touch with Email Marketing

The start of all business processes surely starts with Email Marketing. Marketing generates the business leads you need to get work in. Most businesses use MailChimp or SendGrid to send marketing material.

However, with LaserTask you don’t need to pay for a separate marketing tool like MailChimp or SendGrid. LaserTask has a built in tool with everything you need to market to your customers effectively.

  • Track opens, reads and unsubscribes easily
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Use your own templates or choose from the default templates

Our Marketing system is included as part of the LaserTask package at no extra cost.

It’s easy to set up, customise and use.

Email Marketing Software alternative to MailChimp and SendGrid from LaserTask

So, now there is no more need to have a separate CRM and Email Marketing Software Package because LaserTask does it all.

Do you need an Email Marketing system?

All business starts with promotion. By promoting your business you can be sure that new customers will learn about the great services you offer. However, using seperate email marketing software and crm systems and mailing lists is a nightmare to maintain. Often software is updated and you need to relearn everything you once knew. Not with LaserTask; because it is built right in to the system you get access to the email marketing module which works just like any other module. So no more learning new programs or subscribing for multiple systems. One system truly does it all.

Even better, you are in complete control with LaserTask. You choose who emails go to, when and how. You can even brand the emails to come from your own company email address. This makes you look professional and reinforces your brand at every opportunity. If you’re worried about GDPR compliance then LaserTask has you covered. So what are you waiting for?

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