What features makes LaserTask so good?

Hundreds of CRM features

LaserTask is brimming with thousands of amazing features designed to make running your service business a breeze.

Take a look at just some of the amazing features listed below…

It has everything you need in one place…

LaserTask is designed to replace the different systems you currently have. Some people use a hand written whiteboard to keep track of work. Others have gazillions of excel spreadsheets for quotes and invoices. Some even have a multitude of online systems helping to run their businesses.

But here’s the real top dog – LaserTask does it all for one simple monthly price!

We know that business doesn’t stand still. It’s ever evolving which means new modules will inevitably be added in the future. But guess what – they’ll be included too!

It’s nearly Trainingless!

Training people on using new software can be a major expense for any business and often an ongoing one! So we have invested in making LaserTask as intuitive as possible. We do this by making sure there are only ever 3 core screens to learn in LaserTask:

  • List Screen
    Whatever you want to view, our list views are identical on every screen. Simply, clear and effective so that you can get the information you need, fast.
  • Create Screen
    Whether you are creating an Invoice, a New Stock Item, a Quote or anything else in LaserTask, just fill in the white boxes and you’re done. It really is as simple as that!
  • Edit Screen
    All our edit screens are identical (there’s a theme emerging here!) so you can easily swap between editing an Invoice, a Job or a Customer both easily and without confusion.

It’s Infinitely Expandable

There really are no limits to how LaserTask can be expanded to fit your needs and your business at any point in time. With the following features you can be sure that LaserTask will continue to be the perfect fit for your business …

  • Unlimited Customer Sites
  • Unlimited Contacts per Customer
  • Custom Fields which allow you to add your own unique fields
  • Unlimited Objects so you can add as many Customers, Jobs or Invoices … or whatever else you need!

Your data is Secure

We know that your data is critical to your business so Data Security is fundamental to our infrastructure design.

It starts with us keeping your data in your own private database. We don’t use one common database for all customers – we don’t want any risk of an accidental bleed over to any other LaserTask user. Private = Secure!

We also leverage the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud. This helps make sure that LaserTask is always available while meeting the very strictest security levels at all times.

All this is supported with Hourly snapshot backups of your data too so, no matter what, you are as protected as humanly possible.

LaserTask is affordable and transparent

We know you will love LaserTask but we also know that horrible feeling when you find a product that is a perfect fit for your business but, sadly, beyond your budget.

Which is why we have worked hard to price LaserTask to be affordable by the smallest and largest service businesses alike. We didn’t want to favour one over the other with our pricing … simple ‘per user’ pricing means LaserTask scales with your business however and whenever you need it to.

Everything is customisable

We know all businesses are different even when they’re the same (that sounded better in our head!). What we mean is that no two businesses will work in the exact same way even if they are in the same industry. With that understanding we have built a system which allows you to customise everything from your terms and conditions to your beautiful and individual logos.

So with all these features available why not start a free trial today and make LaserTask your own…