Store files and images inside LaserTask

Helping you find files and images with ease

Even storing files and images in a shared folder can be tedious. If you have a CRM system already you probably have to save files to a shared folder.

Not so with LaserTask. With our system you can store files and images against objects such as jobs, tickets, quotes and opportunities. Now your files will be exactly where you expect them to be, logical and accessible.

Files and Images stored in LaserTask

The Files and Images storage ensures that your whole team has access to what they need. Bringing teams closer together than ever before.

Can I really store files and images in LaserTask?

Yes! We truly believe that LaserTask should be all you need to run your business. Of course that includes somewhere to store your files and images. Now your entire team will know where files should be and not have to swap out to different folders and locations to access their information. By having everything in one screen your entire team will work more efficiently. This will of course help with staff motivation and, in turn, feed down to customer satisfaction.

By giving your team the tools they need to get things done they will exceed your expectations. So whatever business industry you’re in you will find LaserTask fits your needs. What’s more it helps you build a resilient business. By using software that is intuitive and easy to use staff will want to work for you. It will also be easier to induct new staff now that you don’t need to spend days teaching them how to use your CRM or storage systems.

So with all this power why not get started today? It’s easy to do and you could be up and running in just a few minutes.

Get started today with a 30 day trial of LaserTask.