Ticketing & Help Desk Software

Always in control with Ticketing & Help Desk software

When you have a support team helping your customers via a service desk it’s time to get a Ticketing & Help Desk Software System.

A good Ticketing & Help Desk Software system will ensure that you reduce the workload on your service desk and meet your clients expected response times. But what makes a ticketing system so good? Of course it’s the powerful features like you’ll find in our system such as…

  • Client email updates
  • See which staff member is actively working on an issue
  • Accurately track time spent as well as time lost
  • View critical metrics such as ticket age and response due
  • Easily escalate tickets to more senior staff if needed
  • In depth reporting of performance metrics

With all these amazing features LaserTask will bring your team closer together than ever before.

Ticketing & Help Desk Software System for Businesses

It’s incredible that this powerful Ticketing and Help Desk system is included as part of the LaserTask system making LaserTask the only product that truly does it all for any business.

Do you need a Ticketing & Help Desk Software system?

If you run a service desk you will probably be aware that managing the service desk team can be a full time job. With LaserTask your service desk will almost run themselves. Why? Because LaserTask ensures that the team have full visibility into which tickets are due to be done next and which ones are critical. It also manages time and SLAs on your behalf. All your agents need to do is action the next item at the top of the list. What could be simpler?

As if that’s not enough, LaserTask also keeps your customers informed so your technicians can focus on what they do best while your customers also know what’s going on.

Get started today with a 30 day trial of LaserTask.