Take control of your Invoicing

The problem with separate accounting systems is it is a nightmare for fee earners to get involved with invoicing. With LaserTask invoices can be created directly inside the system.

So the benefit of this is that now staff can easily create invoices. This means you don’t need to employ extra administration staff just to raise invoices.

What’s more, invoices created by the staff are usually more accurate and less time consuming. With LaserTask invoicing is easy because…

  • Invoices can be created anytime
  • Invoices can be linked to jobs if required
  • It’s easy to see who created the invoice and who did the work
  • Invoices are clear and easy to read

This simplicity allows the whole team to be part of the invoicing process. This allows you to give total continuity to your clients.

And because everything is centrally located, it’s easy for any team member to answer any customer questions.

Invoicing with LaserTask for Businesses

Invoicing is a very important part of your business. LaserTask integrates with you and your processes unlike any other product.

Is invoicing critical for businesses?

Almost certainly there are not many businesses that don’t need to create invoices. For some, though, this is a long and tedious process. Almost always done in Excel or, worse, Word documents even finding an invoice number can be a chore. Not with LaserTask! Simply press the generate invoice button and let the system work what seems like magic. Also any stock used on jobs is automatically added to the invoice. So all you need to do is add your labour.

What’s more, job notes can also be included on the invoice. So now you don’t need to repeat all the work that has already been done elsewhere. Likewise, you can even send invoices by email saving yourself postage costs too.

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