Stock & Inventory Management software

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A poorly controlled stock and Inventory Management system can lead to some of the biggest losses in business. LaserTask removes the nightmare of keeping track of your valuable stock.

LaserTask ensures that everything you need to control and manage your system is included with features such as…

  • Create Unlimited Suppliers
  • Create Purchase Orders to track stock purchases
  • Easily track stock from purchase through to invoicing
  • Easily return faulty stock to suppliers and keep track of refunds
  • Fully track every item of stock
  • Detailed stock take procedure helps you find lost stock quickly and easily

LaserTask has one of the most intuitive stock and inventory management systems on the market. What’s more, it works just like any other module in the system so it’s easy to learn too.

And less training means your business can focus on what it does best.

Stock and Inventory Management System for Businesses

The Stock and Inventory Management system what makes LaserTask the only software product your business will ever need.

Do you need a Stock & Inventory Management System?

Stock and Inventory is a precious commodity in your business. Unfortunately stock is often the least valued item by staff within the business. Without LaserTask it is easy to forget where a part where a part was used or left. Of course that is essentially cash that the business needs to operate. Use LaserTask to significantly reduce your lost stock and inventory items.

By using a stock & inventory management system your business will lose less stock and keep more cash in the bank. Now you can keep more of your valuable cash to use to purchase more stock, pay wages or rent. That’s why you need a system to help keep track of your assets.

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